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Hungarians from Romania

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The “Hungarians from Romania” represents the largest national minority in Europe living in one country, Romania. According to the 2011 census 1,237,746 citizens, 6.5 percent of Romania’s population are of Hungarian ethnicity, the overwhelming majority (99%) of who live in Transylvania.

The RMDSZ is the main political organization representing the ethnic Hungarians of Romania. The most important objectives of the RMDSZ are the preservation and development of the Hungarian community in Transylvania. Over the years the Alliance has assumed roles in the country’s Parliament and Government wanting to ensure a better life for every citizen of the country, and as a minority protection organization representing the Hungarians, the RMDSZ concerns itself, above all, with Hungarian minority rights. The RMDSZ believes in a functioning democracy based on the rule of law, with all the necessary institutions, and social-market economy. Guaranteeing the right to the use of the mother tongue in all segments of private and public life, as well as the education in mother tongue, and the administration of all establishments in the area of minority education and culture, are the most important elements of the daily struggle of the RMDSZ. In its programme, the RMDSZ has set specific, achievable and enforceable ideas in the areas of education, family, economic, youth, and foreign policy as well as the preservation of cultural identity.

Hungarians from Romania at Europeada

In 2016, the Hungarians from Romania already failed in the quarter-finals against the eventual winners of the tournament